A Full Array Of Plumbing Solutions

We can help you out with coring, stone gullies, drain repairs,
Installation of drainage and rain water pipes.

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Drain Specialists

We are a team of fully trained drain specialists that will present you with prompt and reliable expert solutions. No matter how complex or large your drainage system is, our team can present you with expert diagnoses and solutions.


Coring is used to create water drain holes or enlarge the current diameter of your premises’ water lines. We implement specialised coring solutions for old and new homes.

Drain Repairs

Through our services, you can benefit from minor and major drain issues, including drain diagnosis in both commercial and residential units. We also offer drain surveys.

Stone Gullies

Gullies are designed to prevent ground overflows of drains. Gullies are normally blocked by debris, leaves and silt. A blocked gully can cause flooding and serious damages to your home.  


This service is designed to present you with a choice of installations. These include rainwater pipes and the installation of drainage pipes in your home or premises.