Our Services

Main Inspection Chamber

This service is designed to inspect, survey, unblock, repair or clean underground pipes in a range of utility networks for drainage systems. This system is accessed through a manhole.


Trenching is done to provide a
safe passageway for drain water
to travel from one area to another.
It is usually done on sidewalks, driveways or other areas where
water tends to collect.


We specialise in drainwork

connections, both new and existing to any sewage system located within your premises. This service is offered for commercial and residential units.


From leaking pipes to taps, water mains and even leak detection solutions, we can help you through our essential services. We also offer drain surveys.


Coring is used to create drain holes or enlarge the diameter of your premises’ current water lines. We implement specialised coring solutions for old and new homes.


Gullies are designed to prevent drain overflows. They can get blocked over time by debris, leaves and silt. A blocked gully can cause flooding in your home.


We can plan out drain and plumbing systems for new or planned buildings. This service is mostly ideal for factories, commercial premises, hotels and even apartment blocks.


If a plumbing emergency faces you, you can give us a ring and we will be promptly on our way to solve the issue. From blocked toilets to overflowing drains, we are here to help.


We can provide you with repairs on both new and old sewage, drainage and plumbing systems in both commercial or residential spaces.